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Tears Over IKEA

Artwork by Valeria Duca

Today I am grateful for my twelve year old daughter who is hyper focused on free painting on a canvas while we sit at the dining room table together humming along to a Vampire Weekend mix. She jumps into her next project and she is a flashback of me and so many other teen girls before us. Sitting on the floor, experiencing the freedom of altering a t-shirt to her individualistic style. We are in sync right now and the rightness of it is unspoken.

Physically today was better too. The symptoms felt less severe. A little more room to breathe. I was able to spend more time downstairs with my kids and my 10-year-old got her second COVID shot. There is a lot to appreciate today.

How then did I find myself in tears over an IKEA delivery order?

Tipping the Scale

Today the scale tipped from physical matters to emotional ones. Some members of my family aren't vaccinated and have not been as diligent about social distancing and masking and unfortunately the consequences of their choices have arrived.

The tears may have come with the damaged IKEA boxes, but they flowed from a much deeper place.

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